About Us

Thank you for visiting Tara Gems Galore. Our brand works to get the best and affordable jewelry for you. Before we talk about the brand itself, I would like to talk about my journey.

Growing up, I have always been fond of jewelry. My favorite has always been jhumkas remember designing small silver jhumkas for my cousin and she loved it. Since then, I carry a passion for jewelry within me.

My strongest pillars are my kids and my husband. As a mom, I can’t thank enough to GOD that I have these munchkins. My husband has always been so supportive, and he is the motivation behind the business without him I would have never imagined myself here where I am today!

My and my husband strongly believe in Women’s Empowerment and have a special soft corner for kids. Keeping that in mind, a part of our sales profit goes to organizations in India in the forms of clothes, books, one-time food (lunch/dinner) for kids in an orphanage, and sewing machines for women and in return you all get tons of blessings behind the scenes. Thank you so much for loving us and supporting us in what we do!

Our brand is working hard to get the best pieces that will make you “stand out in the crowd”